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The land is in more pieces, as a property of a project company, so by acquiring the company you will have its whole wealth. The company has no other property, only the lands. The location is in the countryside of Hungary, close to Miskolc in a village, in Mezocsat. It is approachable by the M3 motorway, the easiest. The property included in this advertisement may be acquired by a domestic private and legal person, as well as by a foreign private or legal person, by purchasing the company's shares, as the current Hungarian legislation does not prevent the purchase of the companies' shares. • The properties are located on the west and south-west sides of the settlement, except for one location. • Properties can be accessed from asphalt or high-quality dirt roads. • Almost completely flat areas. • Suitable for large-scale farming. • Effective farming of any crop can be continued in the areas. • The topographical number 0295/7 contains a dug, ring well, which was used to obtain a water right operating permit. after which it can even be used for irrigation purposes. • The area is not deep, but the groundwater is relatively high (about 1.5 meters), during drier periods it can also be an advantage, but requires special attention during rainy periods. With regard to the available return, it is double: - on the one hand, annual, regular income comes from the owner's own use or leasing; this can mean an annual return of approximately 1.5-3.5%. - on the other hand, in the medium or long term, a continuous increase in the value of land can be expected from year to year; this could mean an additional return of approximately 6-12% annually.

Price is: 1 125 000 euro

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  • € 1125000
  • Included: Support after sale


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