We are the European company INVEST HOLDING, based in Lithuania and successfully providing legal, consulting, accounting and business services for the countries of Africa and Asia.

99% of these services are performed remotely and can be sold online.

We have a working profitable business that brings in about $ 250,000 per year and we want to increase our profits to

$ 2,000,000 - $ 3,000,000 per year. We have everything for this - and we are ready to split the profit in half with our future investor, partner.


Our website-


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Our Instagram


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Required investments - $ 600,000


-We are not a startup with cosmic ideas and billions of dollars in obscure spending.


-We have hundreds of payment receipts from clients and bank statements of our income.


-Our company has never attracted third-party investments, it has always had a single shareholder and director.


-Our company has been working with profit from the first day and net profit is from $ 250,000 per year. We have been on the market for over 2 years.



In order not to burden our potential investor, our mini presentation will be on 1 slide.



A few years ago, we saw that the huge market in Africa and Asia needs European services (companies, branches, bank accounts, assistance in the legalization of migration documents, assistance in moving businesses and investments to Europe) and the market is relatively empty.

All our competitors turned out to be weak, and we squeezed them out of the market since we did not spare money on advertising and honestly provided service to our clients. We are the only one of our competitors who actively maintain social networks (Instagram, Facebook) and arranges business trips to the countries with which we work.

Last year, we sent our employees on working trips to the countries we work with - Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh. We held a huge number of working meetings with partners and clients, helped them start a business in Europe or open branches, open companies, bank accounts, move with their family to Europe,

we met a huge number of interesting people - from medical equipment manufacturers to artists and celebrities (especially in India).

Also in India, at the hotel, we held a buffet meeting at which there were more than 200 people where our employees talked about the benefits of living, working, and doing business in EU countries

There we held hundreds of meetings, acquired partners and clients, photos of which you can see on our Instagram and our website.


During our work, we have signed cooperation agreements with 80 partners from different countries.


All of the above is documented and will be provided in case of a partnership with an investor.


The pandemic has stimulated the desire of people to move to Europe or start a business in the EU.


Our scheme of work is worked out to the smallest detail and all we want is to grow sharply in profit by 10 times or more




We have a transparent business, legal activities, a huge number of payment receipts from clients from 60 countries

If necessary, our future partner will be able, according to an accelerated program, together with a family of up to 3 people, to receive a European residence permit for 3 years at once and citizenship in the future.


We make every effort for a large conversion. There are several divisions in our company that help all narrowly focused specialists to perform their work with high quality.

Periodically, we take courses and training to improve our skills, we also adopt the experience of our foreign colleagues.


Almost no one wants to work with the countries of Africa and Asia because they consider them poor and difficult, but we have more than one hundred clients on our account, and most of them are businessmen and rich people.

In Africa and Asia, there is a huge amount of money and wealthy people, millionaires who want to move or do business in Europe, invest or live in developed, safe countries.




It is impossible to even in 2 years to fully cover 56 countries in Africa and 6 countries in Asia at once. We are now operating at 10% capacity of what we can do.


Our goal is to become the number 1 company on the entire continent of Africa and parts of the Asian countries with which we work (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan).


Our goal is to take a huge piece of this multi-billion dollar market and fully cover every country since in 2 years we have had clients from all these countries, even officials from Somalia

and gold traders from Kenya.


To grow to $ 2,000,000 or more in profit per year, we need to make a quick leap of only 8-10 times, and for this, we need additional investments by only 2 points:


1. Increase the number of advertising

2. Increase the number of employees





Our business has a huge number of advantages, for example:


1. Huge product margin from 300% to 1000% depending on services.

- Our record of sold services is $ 32,000 per client, an entrepreneur from Morocco. This cost included the registration of several companies and branches in Europe,

assistance in obtaining licenses and permits for entrepreneurial activities, assistance in the selection of production facilities, offices, and employees, accounting support,

assistance in the legalization of migration documents, and advice. We also helped to select and arrange for our client several trucks for work in the European Union.

2. Lack of physical goods with an expiration date. We sell services and not goods

3. There are no leftovers and illiquid goods.

4. Simple and clear algorithm of work, minimal costs.

5. An opportunity to get very wealthy clients to further attract investments in Europe and get interest on transactions.

6. 99% of the business works ONLINE !!!


Before the pandemic, we had 3 select investors from Morocco and Algeria who

wanted to build a hotel, a cottage town, and open a company for the export of dried fruits. All investment amounts were from $ 400,000. All work on this project will continue after the end of the pandemic.


Our expected profit after we launch an advertising campaign in all 60 countries from $ 2,000,000 to $ 3,000,000 per year.


We also plan to launch an additional direction for the employment of citizens from third countries for low-skilled jobs at factories in Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and other EU countries with the further receipt of part of the salary of these workers all year.


At the moment, our company employs 8 people and we process up to 500 applications per day. We plan to expand our staff to 50 people.

As it turned out, the pandemic had no impact on our business. Even more, people wanted to go to Europe, open a business there or do e-commerce in Europe, where again our services and the opening of a European company are required


Our business is legal and transparent, and what is more, it will be in demand always and all year round, since there will be more and more people willing to live, work and develop in the EU countries.




We can offer you exactly 49% of the shares of our company for $ 600,000, which will be mastered within 5-6 months and our company will increase its turnover. You will be a full-fledged equal partner with access to your bank account and all company resources. All important decisions will be made jointly.


If you need a European residence, then a bonus for you will be the fact that based on this partnership, you and your family in the amount of up to 3 people, in addition to you, will automatically receive a permanent residence permit card for 3 years in an accelerated mode within 2 months since our company has a large turnover and pays taxes.


- The registration is very simple - a contract for the sale of shares and a partnership agreement in which all the details will be spelled out.


Our huge ambitions and plans will pleasantly surprise you. We carry out aggressive marketing that brings us tens of thousands of leads and clients.

Besides, we provide the best service on the market and conduct live communication with the client through promotions, contests, meetings, prizes, social networks.

None of our competitors do this. No one runs social networks, communicates with clients via mail, dryly, restrainedly, considering them insolvent.

Thanks to this, we quickly squeezed out all weak competitors from the market.


We want our partner to become our friends and community so that we strengthen each other and successfully develop and expand.


If you have questions or a counteroffer, we are waiting for your feedback.


Сontacts for investor : phone: 37060026796 (WhatsApp only) mail:

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    To grow to $ 2,000,000 or more in profit per year, we need to make a quick leap of only 8-10 times, and for this, we need additional investments by only 2 points: 1. Increase the number of advertising 2. Increase the number of employees
  • Competition / Market:
    All our competitors turned out to be weak, and we squeezed them out of the market since we did not spare money on advertising and honestly provided service to our clients.
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  • 25th September 2021 3:47 pm local time

  • € 600000
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Domain and Website, Customer Base

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