What does it do?

Automatically or manually collects videos daily giving fresh content in your chosen niche and displays them in YouTube type format for visitor participation.

How do I profit from it?

1) Relevant Advertising based on your website choice and products will be placed around the site with all the commission coming to you.
2) As you build traffic to the site you are building value which at a later date you may wish to cash in.

The average internet user spends 15 minutes on YouTube every single day... for a total of over 2 billion daily views!
And with your own video website you can cash in on this lucrative video trend, without ever having to create a single video yourself!

Videos have now completely conquered the internet... YouTube of course is the king of online video. We've all been there they simply suck you in and won't let you go. And that's the true power of video in online marketing. People will spend a lot more time watching your videos than they ever will reading your content. The bottom line is... when you offer people video they will spend more time on your site.

And the more time people spend on your site, the more likely they are to click something, buy something or take whatever action it is you want them to take.

And if you offer multiple videos, chances are people will watch more than one.
So even though it does not make sense to try and compete directly with YouTube, making your site look, feel and work like YouTube and feeding off all their content does make a lot of sense!
We set out to create a website that would let you;

Mimic YouTube and other big video sites, and serve up videos in the highly addictive tube format, well known and loved by billions of people around the world.

Legally piggy back off other people's work and let you build huge video sites without ever creating a single video yourself.

Stay in complete control over what content is being shown on your site - and more importantly over the ads... with you pocketing 100% of the revenue instead of sharing the scraps from Google.
Your website will work and feel just like YouTube complete with;

* Grid style post layout with thumbnails automatically created for each video
* Video ratings and view counts
* Most viewed, top rated and newest videos + a "more" link with all your blog categories as your navigation menu (just like on YouTube).
* Widget ready sidebar and footer, complete with custom widgets for related, most viewed and top rated videos and AD placement. Your visitors are much more likely to stick around watching videos, than they are reading your competitor's wall-o-text...and the longer they stick around the more likely they are to click on your ads and buy something.

And because it looks and works just like YouTube and the other big video sites they will also like, share, comment etc. bringing you even more traffic.

Business Operation
  • Annual Sales Revenue (€):
  • Cash Flow (€):
  • Year of Establishment:
  • Number of Employees:
  • Real Estate and Premises Details:
  • Furniture / Fixtures Value and Description:
  • Inventory / Stock Value and Description:
  • Time to run this business (hours per week)
  • Licence:
  • Expansion Potential:
    Yes through advertisment in other websites
  • Competition / Market:
    Online Beauty Website
  • Support & Training:
    Full support and training included free for as long as you own the website.
  • Reasons for selling:
    We’re in the business of making your life better by helping you earn a great income working from home. For the right people, the online niche stores are quite simply a perfect opportunity that allows you the freedom to work when you want and choose the hours wherever you are in the world. We have been supplying quality websites at good value since 2011.
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  • 20th June 2021 2:10 pm local time

  • € 90000
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base

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    Lisboa, Πορτογαλία

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