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After and during the coronavirus pandemic that hit and shocked the entire world, halted international travels, killed many people, we are now in need, more than ever before, of an online space, which is designed to share the grief and stand united with millions of our brothers and sisters.

Besides the humanitarian side of the website, I expect millions of visitors from across the globe, corresponding to millions of dollars of revenue. Given the fact I am no expert in coding and the accounting rules are way over-complicated in my country to be able to serve millions of transactions, I am looking for a buyer who has access to expertise to compile the website based on my instructions, and is operating in a country from which billing is not a problem to millions of individuals world-wide. If I had these features, I would certainly not sell my idea, but I would do it myself. To show how confident I am in the success of the idea, I have come up with two different pricing models:

Either I sign a declaration that I am not selling it for anyone else, and you get all the details from me, so that you can build your online empire on your own. In this case the price is 3 million euros, which I expect to be a ROI of 1.5 years for you.

Or, we both sign a non-disclosure agreement, and start working on the project together. In this case we will be 50-50% owners, which brings your profits and voting power down to half. In case the website outperforms expectations, I will be reluctant to sell my 50% ownership in the foreseeable future, which can be a downside for you. For you to join this structure I will charge 1 million euros,  plus I would expect you to bring the execution expertise which I mentioned I lack at the moment.

This offer is limited, and will not last long. If you miss it, you might regret it for the rest of your life as when the website will be ready, and you will surely come across it just as you do with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You will instantly know this was the offer you saw here, today.

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  • € 1000000
  • Included: Support after sale
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