We have 17 years of Canadian business expertise to help you grow the business and another 20 years in the same industry doing business in South America. I’m moving to South America and want to move up the supply chain vertically. I have access to exotic hardwoods from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, etc. I work with several factories and can provide quality material at competitive rates. I can provide popular names, such as Jatoba, Ipe and Santos Mahogany, and other more obscure and exclusive species, such as Cancharana.

Selling price is very low because I am looking for a very QUALIFIED BUYER that can push a lot of volume, so that I can ship containers of hardwood every month.

The company is experiencing explosive growth through eCommerce and targeted marketing. We have a MONOPOLY on Kurupayra hardwood from Brazil and have incredible margins. Kurupayra decking is BOOMING and is rapidly capturing the luxury decking market.

You will recoup your investment in one year GUARANTEED! I’M SELLING THE BUSINESS FOR LESS THAN THE STOCK VALUE!!!

We have superb margins and very low fixed costs. Our only fixed costs are warehousing and marketing, everything else is a variable cost. We partner with reputable installers who quote our clients so we can offer them the entire package-material + labour. This generates extra profit on their labour. It’s like having employees that pay you to work for you.

All of our advertising is done for free on Facebook and other platforms and we only pay the person who does it. Our star hardwood the Kurupayra, is a very niche product and therefore commands top dollar. It is rapidly gaining market share and is poised to surpass the ubiquitous Ipe and Tigerwood in popularity. We have a monopoly on this wood because we are the first to introduce it to the Canadian market and it is very hard to source.

Business includes:
– $135,000 worth of Kurupayra Brazilian Hardwood Stock.
– Access to exclusive import rights in Canada for several species of exotic hardwood.
– Website ranked on top of Google for industry specific keywords
– Several years of experience in the business along with all the contacts, industry knowledge, market vision and expertise that entails.

NOTE: Address is a personal address where I can show clients material from. Material is stored at commercial leased warehouse. Most clients are outbound calls that installers go to quote. No storefront, this is e-commerce.

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  • 11th August 2022 7:11 am local time

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