Business Excellence Center: you will own a territorial exclusive Master License and its related Business Excellence Center. We train and coach business owners (worldwide) by real human resources (Business Excellence Coaches) that we hire and train in any country, and you will start earning a very BIG ROI when you invest to establish a Business Excellence Center.

If you prefer, you can partecipate to all training and coaching online and live sessions in order for you to meet your guys and to see how your avatars (young Business Excellence Coaches) work on the ground and online, just because you will own the 50% of the exclusive Master License for the territory you will choose in order to establish your Business Excellence Centers.

You can also buy this explosive business as a consortium of friends and/or entrepreneurs, or also as a single investor that owns a focused company. You could also rent a Netherland Company or a UK Company, or any Country Company, in order to own and control one or more Business Excellence Center, in any province of the world.

This is a business in a box ideally suited to individuals, investors or professionals/entrepreneurs wanting more balance, professionals wanting to escape the corporate 9-5, or for people looking for a fresh start in something exciting & disruptive.

You can decide to operate as an entrepreneur (active BIG incomes) or as an investor (passive BIG incomes). In both cases you need a company, or to rent a company. 

You can be involved as an entrepreneur that owns the 50% of the Master License, by meeting with us online and live, or, you can be just an investor, or a consortium of investors that have business or financial interests in the province/county where you have financed a Business Excellence Center.

For example, if you have business or financial interests in Japan, you could add a Business Excellence Center in Japan, we've friends there too and we can connect our CPA experts with Japanese CPAs experts, their role as business partner and professionals is to make any businessman and businesswoman with 100% NO hassle while they grow. 

You can get Master License and control your own Business Excellence Center, by operating online and offline thanks to one or more REAL physical business excellence coaches that will be your business avatars or your business extensions, potentially worldwide.

SO, you will operate ON the business and not into the business. Working ON the business is better and much more scalable for you! 

You can start with few money by owning just 2 Business Excellence Centers with your 15000 € single investment, one excellence center in your Country (any province/county at your choice), and one excellence center in Italy (business twinning can be done between the two provinces by promoting entrepreneurial collaborations... and the same can be done with any province mix after you own more than one Business Excellence Center in different countries), then you can expand your business by re-investing a small part of the money you earned in a new Business Excellence Center, in ANY province of the world you want to cover with your new Business Excellence Center.

Your Business Excellence Coaches will be unique and they will manage the excellenceCLASS™ in their territories and online, worldwide.

Your 100% online company can be based in Amsterdam, or in UK, Germany, Dublin, United Arab Emirate, or anywhere you can create a 100% online company, or a rented company, and if you want to operate just as an investor we will manage all the boring staff for you, and you'll just get the amazing ROI.

You will just get your ROI paid simply and you can decide together with us the right strategy to implement in any country where to establish a new real and physical Business Excellence Center, thanks to our CPAs partners network, that work also as office hosts.

We will be your team and we will speak and meet with you by email, WhatsApp, phone, even live if you want to join as an entrepreneur, also if you are no so much skilled in Business Excellence and marketing operations.

By simply speaking with us, during the time, you will understand Business Excellence like a PRO and you will make always better business decisions together with us. We're entrepreneur connected with an official global CPA and Auditors Network, also certified with INSEAD, WOBI, GKIC.

We're about to start auctions for each Italian province, but this offer allows you to start this repeat business with a Netherland/UK or other country company we can manage for you after assigning it our exclusive Master License about Business Excellence and our INSEAD Blue Ocean Certificate.

We can also suggest you the best Italian province (based on the number of inhabitants and the number of businesses) still available for your 100% online and with no hassle Dutch or UK, German, UAE or Irish Company you want to simply open online to start this business FAST.

And, just please remember: with this unique offer, you get 2 Master License, one for your native province or a province of your choice (worldwide), and one for an Italian province at your choice, like Milan province, Venice province, etc...

Learn How You Can Take Advantage Of An Online Opportunity In An Industry Worth
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You will also get your own Business Excellence Center and Consulting firm website in your own language, in Italian and in English, and we will start distribute your ROI in the first months of 2002. So you don't have to wait 3 years to get your ROI.

We can give you all the informations you need.

You don't need to become a Business Excellence Coach, your business is always scalable, we train a young human resource with INSEAD, WOBI and Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle skills, we supervise this young resource that will operate as a professional consultant connected to your own Business Excellence Center. The real office will be established inside an important CPA firm in the 2 provinces at your choice, and you'll control the Business Excellence Center with a 100% online company.

Just opt-in at this page in order to understand more:

Business Operation
  • Year of Establishment:
  • Number of Employees:
  • Licence:
    You will receive our Business Excellence Master License in order to own and control a Business Excellence Center together with us in the 2 first provinces you can choose. You can start by choosing your first province in Italy, if available, like Milan, Padua, Rome, Turin, Naples and all provinces still available. Then, by using part of the money you get with the first province, you can add another license to cover your own province, or, for example, Washington, DC, or Paris.
  • Expansion Potential:
    Worldwide, unlimited, starting from 2 provinces at your choice (one Italian and one outside Italy, for example your own native or living province, or any other province of the world, for a total of 2 Business Excellence Centers you can establish and own exclusively together with us (50% + 50% Master License shared).
  • Competition / Market:
    We're the only company focused on the holistic trainings, coaching and services about Business Excellence. Competition normally work with big consulting companies like McKinsey etc... that costs too much for local and small/medium businesses. Competion like Mckinsey, Accenture etc can't deliver a 100% holistic complete system, from strategy, to execution, to performance, and many competitors think it is all about "marketing". If you don't cover all the macro-areas and all the related micro-areas of the Business Excellence, and not just "marketing", you can create real value for businesses. Also, we're certified with INSEAD too, and we're partnering with a global firm of CEOs training school. Our difference is that we make ALL simple even for the local street level entrepreneur, up to any big box company we can serve strategically together with a network of CPAs we're building in any country by starting from Italy. Where a Business Excellence Center is active in a certain province of the world, there the business owner we can serve can work easily and with no hassle thanks to our Business Excellence Coaches that physically support the entrepreneur they serve in his/her own territory. The Business Excellence Center owner of that province/county can be also an investor, individual or entrepreneur from abroad, and he/she is the investor that control the Business Excellence Center in that territory, beyond earning so much money in this multi-billionaire sector of Business Excellence.
  • Support & Training:
    After we set a company for you, based in Amsterdam that acquire our Master License, we will start make business with you by training a young human resource, and start the business. Our relationship allows you to understand this business, day by day, just by communicating with us. You're just the investor in your Netherlands company and you'll get paid as you team up with us and with our connected CPAs.
  • Reasons for selling:
    It is too slow to find the classic bank or financial investor, just because this project is disruptive for the bank and financial system. A classic bank cannot serve entrepreneurs even by providing them with a business model expert, so it would be not useful to go to the usual lenders. We prefer to sell each Business Excellence Center in each province/county to normal people and normal entrepreneurs that are searching for more balance, and that want to escape the corporate 9-5, or for people looking for a fresh start in something exciting & meaningful, that, literally, changes the world of business, forever.
  • Other Information
    You can understand how you can start with your own Business Excellence Coach (that we hire and train for you) by visiting this page: or by contacting us at cci (AT)
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  • 25th September 2021 6:10 pm local time

  • € 15000
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Customer Base


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