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Dear Bitcoins Holders,

Please note that, the bitcoins are traceable in: transactions history, bitcoins address on the blockchain, transactions held on your bitcoins, wallets IP tracing, persons dealt in your bitcoins you are holding in the past and in the future, tracing your bitcoins when you originate your bitcoins to other people and hackers can determine where are your bitcoins stored to attack them.

We can assist and help you to keep your bitcoins anonymous by:

1- Clearing all your bitcoins history and to keep them clean.
2- Changing the bitcoins addresses on the blockchin.
3- To be able to send your bitcoins without tracing in any transaction.
4- Mix and blend your bitcoins Satoshies.
5- To save your bitcoins anonymous in your cold wallet.
6- Hackers will not going to reach your bitcoins anymore.
7- Even when trading your bitcoins on exchanges, they will not going to know your past history and source of your bitcoins.
8- We take care of all your bitcoins requirements in networking and blockchain.

If you are interested to upgrade your bitcoins security levels and keeping them safe, we are here to assist and help you on this task.

Stay safely.

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