Black Sea Region is well known by its "Chernozem belt" (black soil belt).  Chernozem belt goes from Northern Serbia, northern Bulgaria (Danubian Plain) and southern Romania (Wallachian Plain), to northeast Ukraine across the Black Earth Region and southern Russia into Siberia. By starting of this project we want to popularize Black Sea business cluster and enlarge competitiveness of the region by crossing boards and establishing new connections between its members.

This project is for and about agriculture in countries around Black Sea (Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria), nearest countries (Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary and Czech) and other countries around the Globe.

You will find news, articles and discussions about farming, poultry, grain, forestry, horticulture, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, livestock, crops, biofuel, fertilizers, dairy, farming, cultivation, machinery, agro market intelligence, organic farming, precision agriculture, lands, crops etc.

LinkedIn. Agriculture in the Black Sea Region
Group “Agriculture in the Black Sea Region” is the biggest agriculture group in the region in #1 world’s professional social network LinkedIn (  Also it is 4th biggest agriculture group in LinkedIn. The number of members is more than 22 000 people and constantly growing. Agriculture Ukraine counts more that 9 000 members

We created wonderful community with lots of well recognizable participants. Most of them are owners of its own agriculture business, lots occupy top and mid level positions in biggest region’s and worlds companies. For additional stat about the group please check pictures below.


Agriculture in the Black Sea Region:


Agriculture Ukraine:


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  • € 32000
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base


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