The company “EkoProm” sells software for creating an online business portal for optimization of remote working between an employer and an employee. To be added, the roles of an employer (A) and employee (B) could be adapted to any business sphere of e-commerce interaction. Software without the right to replicate but with the right to make additions and improvements. The software consists of a website with an adapted mobile version.

The price includes full customization of the program for the region/business of the client and 3 months of guaranteed service.

With the help of our software product, you will save your time (12-14 months) and within a month you can build a fully functioning and profitable business.

The software consists of the following online functions:

1. Moderation

2. Portfolio page with loaded media

3. Special offers from partners

4. Internal chats between employer and employee

5. Internal scoring

6. System of quick responses

7. System of filters

In addition, the software has the ability to create an information catalog of organizations, a catalog of discounts and etc.

The software technology stack consists of:

Backend – Yii2/PHP.

Front-end – jQuery.

Database - MySQL.

The software is archived and ready to be sent, it can be deployed for you on any server to inspect and try different roles.

Business Operation
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    There is a general stagnation in Russia regarding developing any online projects at the moment.
  • Other Information
    There is a lot of additional information regarding the concept and working relations that have been tested between customers and clients on this service.
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  • 11th August 2022 1:40 pm local time

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  • € 2000
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets
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