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In the Újdiósgyőr part of the City of Miskolc, we offer a real estate complex on Sétány Street. The offer contains a plot of land with a total area of 8,341 m2, registered under 3 topographical numbers and exclusively owned by the seller, one of which consists of a gross superstructure of ~ 3,027 m2, the so-called DAM Guesthouse. The property is easily accessible by car and public transport. Parking is possible in front of the property - free of charge. Pleasant, quiet, “chirping of birds” environment, close to downtown.

The guesthouse was built between 1938-1939, based on the plans of Géza Veszely, by master architect Károly Dávid. The building underwent a comprehensive renovation in the early 1970s. The purpose of its construction was to accommodate the management guests of the factory to an appropriate standard. The high-quality construction of the building is evidenced by the marble cladding that can still be found today, the sculptures decorating the facade of the building, and the park belonging to the building.
On the ground floor of the guest house, communal rooms, five guest rooms, a caretaker's apartment, and other service rooms have been set up. Upstairs, in addition to the guest rooms, there was a reading room, lounge, card room, and dining room. On the second floor were the suites and even higher standard living rooms. All together 47 hotel room units can be developed.

The masonry of the property is solid brick (including the basement level) and the partitions are also made of brick. The roof shell is a slate or corrugated galvanized sheet.

The patinated building contains many utilization possibilities (health center, educational institution, accommodation - workers' hostel, hostel, social care place, nursing home, children's playhouse, exhibition hall, etc.). The property can be renovated or transformed according to the services to be provided, according to its own needs and ideas.

Restrictions, classifications

Heritage Office: Not a listed building. It is not listed in the National Register of Construction as a protected element or as an archaeological site.

Mayor's Office - Main Architecture Group: The building is not under local protection.


PRICE: 1 270 000 euro, including 27% VAT

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