They can involve hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of documents in a myriad of forms, from contracts and non-disclosure agreements to due diligence productions and closing memoranda.

In fact, a deal's success may very well hinge on the quality and precision of your document-handling practices.
We the ideal partner for all of your document management needs, whether the deal is a merger, acquisition, real estate transaction or something else. Our powerful document-handling platform:

Creates a virtual work space for legal advisors to build, edit, and exchange deal-related documentation.
Facilitates secure document exchange and review.
Provides instant access to deal-related documentation, including a snapshot of each user's activity and customized tracking and reports.
Eliminates confusing email exchanges and the need for physical storage space.
Alerts all parties to upcoming tasks and workflow changes.
Saves travel expenses by coordinating all parties close to the deal without need for physical proximity.
Offers long-term document storage, giving you the flexibility you need during extended negotiations and approvals.

  • Price
    640 EUR
  • Language
    Russian, Italian
  • Experience
    1-3 years
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