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Eco fashion labels is a global marketplace for sustainable fashion consumers and brands.
We offer organic, recycled, vegan, fair trade and ethically produced apparel for Women, Men and Kids.
Brands apply to showcase their products via a dropshipping model on our marketplace and reach their core target customers. We also reach out to brands we find suitable via email and Instagram. Each brand goes through a verification process to assure they meet our sustainability criteria. The brands products are synched automatically via api or are manually uploaded, each brand have also signed a contract with us.
We currently offer 80+ international brands and have 50+ brands in our immediate pipeline for onboarding.

We started in 2017 on Shopify. The first 2 years we also ran a brick & mortar store with the same sustainable apparel and another e-shop hosted on the platform Shoptet aimed at the Czech market. At the end of 2019 we closed the physical store and transitioned into solely being an online marketplace on Shopify with dropshipping brands. We had 2000 orders in total the first 2 years with a total revenue of €250k together with the physical store.
We´ve invested over $180k in the business since 2016, a large part was spent on branding and marketing at the launch.

We migrated all content from our Shoptet e-shop to Shopify in 2020 and began onboarding brands. We were ready to expand on a bigger level and to seek investors when the pandemic hit which affected our sales negatively and we had to turn off the marketing.
Our focus since has been improving the marketplace in all ways, SEO, organic marketing activities and onboarding new brands. So far the marketplace has had 700+ orders, of which 374 on Shopify. Total revenue €23k.
We now look for a new owner who recognizes the work put into the business, sees the potential and understands the reasons for the current low revenue. We know that once marketing is turned on, we have good results.

1. Fast fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, workers are grossly underpaid and toxic materials are used in the production.
For us, this is a world improving project, each piece of eco apparel sold, makes a difference. Whether it´s by a factory worker getting a fair salary, the use of an eco friendly material, less toxics used in the production or by supporting brands made by charity organisations. We aim to make a strong impact by putting sustainable fashion in front of fast fashion.

2. Consumers struggle to identify which products are truly sustainable. Few marketplaces offer´s a diverse assortment of in-style sustainable fashion apparel, a personalized shopping experience with global shipping and a strong loyalty program.

3. Independent sustainable fashion brands are struggling to break through the stiff competition from the fast fashion industry and reach their target group. They spend a lot of time and funds identifying the best way to market their brand to reach eco consumers and to grow their brand.

TAM €90 bn Total fashion e-commerce market
SAM €1.8bn Estimated total sustainable fashion market (2% is a conservative estimate)

So far we´ve mainly targeted Europe with marketing campaigns, majority of traffic otherwise comes from United states. Main source of traffic is direct and organic traffic. Unlike many fast fashion e-tailors our target market can be clearly defined and online marketing efforts can be aimed at a very specific audience such as fair trade, sustainable fashion, ethical consumerism etc.

Stripe, paypal, Gopay payment options
Vertical B2B and B2C marketplace
Curated and contracted brands from 16 different countries. Including several market leading sustainable brands.
4000+ products
Multilingual checkout
Multivendor marketplace app with user friendly administration
Multiple currency checkout
Global shipping
Size charts
Image alt tags
All products tagged according to shop by sustainable value and categories
Affiliate program with 20+ affiliates signed up
Loyalty program with points, 200+ customers signed up
XML feeds prepared via Koongo app
Stock automatically synchronized from sellers
Automated order flow
Domain .com and .cz
We plant trees for each order via an app
E-shop is partially available in Italian, German and Czech. Translation are made manually using Weglot.

A supplier list of 1200 sustainable fashion brands that we are continuously processing.
All business documents created throughout the years: Business plan, pitch deck, email templates, manuals for supplier selection, onboarding process, social media posting etc. 5 year financial forecast with company valuation model, Competitor analysis.
Wordpress blog about sustainable fashion and sustainable living. Includes 70+ articles with cooperations/Linkbuilding with other sustainable businesses and interviews with the founders of the brands on the marketplace.
Linkbuiding file with hundreds of prospects to connect with
Trello boards
List of investors we´ve been in contact with during the years and that operate in the marketplace/retail/sustainability industry
List of influencers we´ve worked with

Google analytics, ad´s, console with linked social media accounts and fully set up and optimized by marketing agency.
Google data studio set up with statistics
CYFE account available
Facebook business manager/adś manager fully set up by marketing agency with pixel and linked accounts and numerous ad campaigns.

Instagram 4600
Facebook 4200
Linkedin 730. We attract talent easily with hundreds of applicants for each position we post on Linkedin and on our website
Pintrest 130, 110k monthly views, newly started account
Youtube 15, newly started. 20+ videos featuring our brands

Average order value 87 EUR
Exceptionally low return rate of 10%
2000 orders since the start
10 000+ social media followers
54% of our e-shop traffic is organic and direct
4000+ products
Great ratings on Google and Trustpilot

Several basic eco fashion marketplaces exist´s, mainly in Europe. They usually offer a smaller number of brands and focuses on one country and one language. Many of them put equal focus on home decor and cosmetics. We focus on a wide assortment of in-style eco fashion for a more curated experience. Our attractive loyalty program offers reward points to motivate the customer to come back for more. B2B services is another great way to differentiate the business from competitors.

Business Operation
  • Annual Sales Revenue (€):
  • Year of Establishment:
  • Inventory / Stock Value and Description:
    We have small quantities of stock left for 20 of the brands on the marketplace. Wholesale value is 9000 USD. The stock is included in the listing price but we are flexible to also exclude it in the sale.
  • Expansion Potential:
    There are many different ways forward for this business. It depends on what the new owner´s intentions are. The store can either be run with low costs, purely as a dropshipping store or you can take the business to the next level, invest and continue expanding and customizing the marketplace. You can also choose to include inventory in the assortment, buying a few key eco brands via wholesale to get the margins up. Below are some of the initial goals we worked out: - Continue adding brands to reach a few hundred brands to become the largest marketplace for sustainable fashion. - Customize the shop, utilize a developer to improve and optimize the store, AI features - Turn marketing back on (Facebook ad´s, Google ad´s PPC sites) Linkbuilding. We have several campaigns prepared including promotion of products via product feed, retargeting campaigns and new customer campaigns. - Sustainable fashion is the biggest trend in fashion is growing quickly in many countries. We´ve mainly targeted a few countries in Europe but any other market can of course be targeted. Other great revenue streams are: - Adding B2B services or subscriptions for the sellers, for example marketing campaigns on the marketplace and through our social media channels with 10 000+ followers. The marketplace app we use features a simple feature to begins selling such packages. -Add private labels to get even higher profit margins. - Add second-hand sellers
  • Competition / Market:
    Several basic eco fashion marketplaces exist´s, mainly in Europe. They usually offer a smaller number of brands and focuses on one country and one language. Many of them put equal focus on home decor and cosmetics. We focus on a wide assortment of in-style eco fashion for a more curated experience. Our attractive loyalty program offers reward points to motivate the customer to come back for more. B2B services is another great way to differentiate the business from competitors.
  • Support & Training:
    1 month support with zoom trainings and support via Slack/phone/email. Continuous involvement from the founders can be discussed in return for equity. We are also open to discuss other solutions such as merge/funding. Manuals for all processes from onboarding a new brand, uploading a blog article to social media posting are available.
  • Reasons for selling:
    We have worked full time with the business for the last 4.5 years. The pandemic hit us founders quite hard and we are now also heavily involved in other projects. The lack of time and funds for marketing affects the potential of the business and the sales why we´ve decided to hand over to a new owner who wants to hit the ground running and fulfill the store´s full potential. The business is valuated at a significantly higher price then listed here but due to the pandemic we´ve settled for a lower asking price.
  • Other Information
    Info about running the business: This business can be operated from anywhere in the world. Updating banners on e-shop Social media posts Mail campaigns Manage ad campaigns The order process is mostly automatic Minimal customer support Brand onboarding: We receive requests every week from brands who want to showcase their products on our marketplace. We have FAQ´s and manuals for all processes but sometimes the sellers also need support via email as well. About our brands All our brands have gone through our verification process to assure they are sustainable according to our requirements. Each brand has signed a contract with us by ticking in a box in our Terms and conditions. In this sale we also include a list of 1200 sustainable fashion brands with contact details. Inventory We have small quantities of stock left for 20 of the brands on the marketplace. Original selling price value of the stock is 11 000 USD. The stock is not included in the listing price but we are happy to sell it for a largely discounted price.
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  • Included: Inventory / Stock, Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base

Karlova 164/28, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha-Praha 1, Czechia

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    Karlova 164/28, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha-Praha 1, Czechia

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