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This company was made in 2020 for a project related to medical devices registration, who never really started.

So it is now ready for your project.

The company holds an Estonian VAT number and can easily sell all across Europe without any further registration.

The company has low running cost:

- a registered office (€180/year)

- an online bank account (free)

- we do bookkeeping ourselves as the company is not trading and it is very simple.

The company has own funds of about 2,600 € which will be transferred together with the sale, and it is in good standing with all the reports and tax submissions.

It has a loss brought forward of about 700 € which can offset future taxes on profits.

The company is subject to a corporate tax of 20%, but no tax will be applied on profits reinvested in the company.

The company can be run from anywhere provided that you make a registration.

Together with the sale we include:

4 hours training by the owner;

4 hours training by our bookkeeper.



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  • € 10000

Tallinn, Estonia

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