Fully-Automated Ecommerce Dropshipping Business. ROI Typically Within 6-9 Months & Afterwards Consistent Residual Profit Every Month. Year 2 Proven Earnings of $7000+ P/M. Prioritize OnYour Workload Whilst Our Team Will Does All The Work For You, Experiences Company With Years Of Experience With Hundreds Of Clients Using Our Service

As a Business, we’ve been established for over 8 years and we’ve grown Business organically due to our clients can prioritize on there workload and receive a passive income every month whilst our team will do all the work for you. A proven Business with over 500 clients from all over the world using our service.

Our experienced team will build you a proven store using Ebay which generates you a fully-Automated Passive income every month.

We only sell domestically to the US market because all our Suppliers are based in America however you just need is Ebay/ and Paypal pays directly into your bank account. Once an order has been generated the money goes directly into your Paypal. We have clients all over the world using our proven service.

What does “Dropshipping” mean?

When a customer pays us, we pay our supplier and the supplier sends it directly to the customer.
E.G With the uncertainty within the market a lot of retail Businesses will have boxes upon boxes and obviously if they don't sell they lose money however with us it's completely different. Again, once a buyer makes a purchase on the store, we'll contract our supplier and the supplier sends it directly to the customer.
It’s really good for us because we don’t hold a lot of stock of inventory which is really good for you because you won’t have any liquidity stuck.
We only purchase a product once we're both in profit and only refund once we get the refund back!

Why don’t you do it yourself? Why do you take clients on board?
1. 'Diversification' is important with any investment. The more you can spread it around the better you are overall.

2. ‘Float’ Let's say the net profit is 10%. This means to make $10k a month you're floating $100k. This isn't too difficult. Now to make $10m we'd need to float $100m. Now that's a much larger number that we can personally float. If you spread this across multiple people it makes it more feasible on both ends and obviously our goal is for the store to be performing from the beginning.


As a Company, we’re fully aware that there’s a lot of uncertainty and panic within the market and it’s really bad for small Businesses and consumers who wasn’t prepared but as a Business we’re thriving through this epidemic and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Diversification is key especially through this economic uncertainty. A lot of people are losing jobs and now their capital is at risk because there liquid is working against them instead of working for them.

Ecommerce statistically increased in growth and revenue every year and as a Business we’ve had a 33% increase in sales generated, traffic and clients because as you can imagine consumers are shopping online looking for the best deal to save money and we’re capitalizing through this pandemic with access to thousands of exclusive products from our 5/6 Wholesalers.

(Were the only company who are exclusive to the 5/6 Wholesalers. Anyone found listing with our Wholesalers are flagged and removed due to Ebays updated policies)

What’s included with our Service:
A dedicated account manager who managers the staff running your account from Mon-Fri to Support you as a client.
Support staff to liase with our clients from Mon-Fri
Finding and Listing products. Onn average 200 items per month. With a profit margin of 10%15 (Including Cost Of Product, Shipping, Tax, Ebay & Paypal Fees.
Liasing in Customer Relations from the beginning off the sale to the end.
Live price monitoring every 30 minutes

Using our proven platform to find and list high volume - low competition products.
By year 2 our stores typically generate $100k gross and from that point our team will sustain the accounts for you as a client.

If your residing in America, you'll be able to get tax exempt from
our end Suppliers. Anyone outside of America who would need help applying for a Business account we have a connection that can help you get tax exemption from our suppliers. You’re not the end consumer. Only the end consumer has to pay tax, so you pay 0% to our suppliers, which increases your profit margins by around 6%.

Monthly reports which shows how much you made from last month to this month, cost of product, net profit and gross. It’s good to see the figures and of course to provide it for the year of your taxes
Opportunity to re-invest for a fixed price if your looking to compound your money once you’re in profit.
1 year contract turnover. No additional fees.

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    Our service is Fully-Automated meaning our team does all the work whilst you receive a passive income every month into your bank account.
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  • 18th April 2021 10:44 pm local time

  • € 15000
  • Included: Inventory / Stock, Support after sale, Suppliers Relationship


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