Real estate, structured finance, and securitizations in the United States require an experienced independent director to ensure a successful and timely closing. With over 12,000 active appointments, wee is the leading provider of independent directors for investors, corporations, and their advisors, and is recognized and recommended by established market participants, including lenders and rating agencies.
Our comprehensive services include:
Independent directors for bankruptcy remote entities and other SPVs
Independent directors for distressed companies in both pre-bankruptcy and restructuring situations
Springing member services for limited liability companies
Non-executive directors for subsidiary SPVs within funds or corporate structures
our's tenured team of legal and financial professionals offers enhanced director oversight by reviewing your entity documents to precisely define the role of the independent director. Our directors fulfill all duties and responsibilities throughout the life of the partnership, even in unexpected circumstances. We stand out in the marketplace as a partner that is truly free from conflicts of interest, unaffiliated with any financial institution or advisory firm.

  • Price
    130 EUR
  • Language
    English, Russian, Italian
  • Experience
    1-3 years
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