xcellent buying opportunity: This app and brand have enormous potential for further development opportunities in all directions and expansion. App already has over 1000+ registered users worldwide

This Startup is for Sale

+ iOS and Android app with all source Code

+ Website - GAY AND YOU.

+ Online Shop / Marketplace within the app and also Website

+ Shirt Collection and Bags/Merchandising

+ Established Social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with organic followers #gayandyou

+ 5 Domains:

+ Marketing and Design Materials

Whole Business can be purchased here on Flippa.

Excellent buying opportunity
The ideal Brand with enormous potential for any LGBTQI + Products, Services, Entertainment and further development Opportunities in all Directions and Expansion. The entire package can be taken over and used immediately after purchase.

The LGBTQ+ market is still rising. More and more people are embracing their identity within the community. Alone the population in the US is exceeding 21 Million people and globally already 483 Million (Source: LGBT Capital 2017).

Comparable app valuation

GRINDR (valued at 600 Million USD in 2017 and has been sold for 608.5 Million USD in 2019)

YELP (valued at 2.22 Billion USD in 2020)

MEETUP (sold for 200 million USD in 2017)

BLUED (valued at 600 Million USD in 2017 and now in 2020 it is valued at 1 Billion USD)

EVENTIM (valued at 5 Billion USD in 2018)

EVENTBRITE (valued at 2.8 Billion USD in 2018)

(Sources: Bloomberg, Forbes, Crunchbase)

About the brand GAY AND YOU?

Founded in 2012, GAY AND YOU? is a great brand with huge potential in many different areas.

Brand name registration was in 2016. It is officially a registered trademark and will be also included in that sale.

Online-Shop / e-commerce

I have built the Website with an Online Shop and created a stylish eco-friendly Unisex Shirt Collection. See Online-Shop here.

After much research work and trials, I finally have found a great on-demand supplier/producer/logistic-all-in-one-service-provider in Germany. Now the Online Shop is connected with their system. So, if there are any orders for a Shirt, the Shirt will be produced and shipped from that supplier and you don’t need to do anything. Now the Online-Shop is ready to start as well.

This whole Startup is self-funded from my own savings since 2012 and I have put a lot of passion and work into it until now.

I have not started to promote or market GAY AND YOU? yet or any fundraising campaign.


What is included in this app sale?

iOS and also Android app! Both together:

iOS app has been firstly launched in December 2017, with fewer features. After that launch, the development of the Android app has started and from 2018 until End of 2019 both apps have been undergone many tests, bug fixes, a few changes and new features have been added. Overall the app got optimized time by time since the first launch in 2017.

Now it is finished and ready for the LGBTQI+ community and ready for the market!

iOS (Launched December 2017)
Android (Launched May 2018)
With all Source Codes, Developers Contact, Hosting/Server Contact Details, Users Databases, All Credentials, Admin Dashboard, Design Material and Collateral etc.


Dashboard panel to manage/edit SHOP products, LET'S GO!, ACTIVITIES and QUOTES section.

Also blocking specific Users, all can be done at this Admin Dashboard.

What is required to keep the app operational?

The app could run all by yourself and by the content of the users. That was the intention and the app has been designed this way. It should be self-sustainable, because me myself, I have very limited time and limited resources.

Highlights of the app

Very unique and one of a kind
Informative and can be used as a Travel Guide because of the "LET'S GO!" and the "ACTIVITIES" section
It can also be used as a dating app or just for meeting new friends. You can see all users nearby you, when you check out the left menu bar "USERS WORLDWIDE" or the "NEW FRIENDS" area on the home screen.
Basically every user can use the app and post/list content in the "LET'S GO!" and the "ACTIVITIES" section! For example, you are an owner of a club or bar, then you can list your own location in the "LET'S GO!" section and post your weekly event flyer images, deals, everything, and get exposure to all other users. (With the dashboard admin panel, you can delete posts, in case of misuse)
There is the QUOTES section, the yellow blinking button on the bottom area. With the dashboard admin panel, you can fill in any quote or text. Future idea and plan is to place some ads/text messages from users. Users can submit their own text message and it is easy to let them appear there. See example "James R.". Implementation of engagement is great and it is fun to interact with users
The app offers different features, so it could generate revenue from different sources
Because of its broad variety of features, it is always entertaining and you will never be bored of it
Affiliate links and advertisements can be placed in the SHOP section
app can be used worldwide
How does the app/business generate revenue?

I didn't start to monetize and marketing yet and I did not place any advertisements yet. But without any marketing effort, I already have 1000+ downloads. Proof of concept.

First I wanted to provide Users a FREE and also AD-FREE app and platform!

Ads can be added later when the app is widely used
AdSense and AdMob
The app can also generate Revenue with specific promoted Products in the SHOP section
Featuring and charging a Listing Fee for location owners in the LET'S GO! section
With Subscription etc.
Charge listing Fee for merchants in the SHOP/Marketplace section
Own Lifestyle brand GAY AND YOU? can be widely used for different purposes
Start a Party events series with the brand name
The website can be filled with many different topics, news, blogs etc.
Are there any Expenses for the app? If so, what are they?

Hosting/Server costs of 100 USD/month

API costs of 59 USD/month

Are there any Expenses for GAY AND YOU? If so, what are they?

Website builder/hosting 15 USD/month

What Marketing Initiatives have been used for the app?

I didn't start to marketing the app yet
Email Newsletter
A few posts on Social Media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
How can the Future Owner improve the app?

Cooperation and affiliate with diverse locations e.g. bars, clubs, restaurants etc. in the LET'S GO! section within the app
Pay-Per-Click Ads
Advertisement in the app
Amazon Affiliate
Add more Products in the SHOP section within the app, ergo more Affiliate links, Affiliate with Amazon and other Products
Create Affiliate partnerships/network
5 Domains in my Portfolio

Business Operation
  • Annual Sales Revenue (€):
  • Annual Net Profit (€):
  • Year of Establishment:
  • Real Estate and Premises Details:
    none, online business
  • Furniture / Fixtures Value and Description:
    none, online business
  • Inventory / Stock Value and Description:
    all provided
  • Licence:
    none, online business
  • Expansion Potential:
  • Competition / Market:
  • Support & Training:
    none, online business
  • Reasons for selling:
    This Startup Business and its unique app have huge Potential and I want to see it grow with a Pro! I've created this Startup and the app with the intention of selling it because I enjoy turning ideas/businesses/brands/products into reality. I have several other projects to work on and therefore I will not be able to spend time marketing and manage this Business. If I find the time, I will not sell this Startup and the app and I will indeed find a way to monetize it myself or start fundraising. This is the reason why I pass it on to someone that understands the value, vision and will make good use of it! This is a full package startup business for sale. If you have any question please let me know
Countries of Operation
  • € 10000
  • Included: Inventory / Stock, Logo and Branding Assets, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship


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