Online medical scribe
certification, education, & licensure company

Industry: medical
Location: ORANGE, CA
Net income (2019): $836,000

Online medical scribe certification, recertification, education, continuing education, e-commerce, software as a service (saas) software management platforms/websites, learning management system, brand licensing, retail, & much, much more!

Medical Scribe Education & Certification
Founded: 2009
Ownership: 100%
Website(s): 4 internet domains; 2 e-commerce platforms; 5-year managed hosted server, SSL
Core Business: E-commerce B-B scalable global internet Medical Scribe Education & Certification, Licensing, Validation, & Credentialing Services business

Target Market
All medical specialities (i.e., urgent care, primary care, internal medicine, physical medicine & rehabilitation, all outpatient medical practices, emergency departments, hospitals, integrative health care systems)


$836,000 (2019)

Sales & Marketing
Company uses a whole systems approach utilizing robust experiential sales teams, social media, internal marketing & mailer systems, as well as a highly visible presence

Program is scalable and operated from anywhere, including remotely

Company Overview

Company provides a comprehensive, experience based, educational program that provides a path for certifying an individual’s competency in the field of Medical Scribes

Company provides individuals with the standards necessary & the certification identification to be a successful,competent, & skilled certified and licensed professional across the entire Healthcare Industry, both US & nationally based, as well as internationally

Company has established itself in the marketplace since 2010 & has built a strong and robust operating platform, presence, & online presence to the marketplace

Company overcomes barriers to entry for all medical scribes, medical students, clinicians, & all medical personnel to be able to have an employed certified professionals as the direct right-hand liaison to the medical licensed clinician(s)

Company owns the intellectual property

Company owns all of the intellectual property, trademarks, logos, and copyrights

Medical Students; Resident clinicians; all medical specialities and clinics, Physicians, Clinicians, emergency departments, hospitals, integrative health systems, community health care systems, independent medical training programs, students of all levels (i.e., high school, undergraduate, graduate residents, international doctors, & community liaisons)

Official seal embossing of annual licensing
Annual license verifications for medical schools entrants, human resource department verification, medical practices
Certification Examination Programs
Comprehensive clinical training programs
Affidavit of eligibility entrance exam attestations
Annual licensing
Management of individual licenses/user IDs
Ongoing Credentialing verification & validation services
Issued individual user accounts
Complete end-to-end turnkey administrative and end-user management system and console
E-learning management system: consulting, webinars, events, trainings
Licensing examination management system
Licensing and certification management system
E commerce sales channels, licensing distribution, & retail options
Distribution licensing (retail, market, 3rd party licensing)

Company provides full suite end-to-end turnkey administrative, education, training, certification, credentialing, & license management system

Business Operation
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  • Cash Flow (€):
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  • Number of Employees:
  • Real Estate and Premises Details:
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  • Time to run this business (hours per week)
  • Licence:
  • Expansion Potential:
    Global, 100% US based company operates in all 50 United States and Internationally in ecommerce online, SaaS space, offering retail, brand licensing, global distribution, education, and curricula.
  • Competition / Market:
    None. Exclusive business in a competitive industry. Rare opportunity in this exclusive niche industry of key acquisition of intellectual property (IP) content, SaaS, online education, licensing, retail, and ecommerce platforms and assets. Limited time! Register to bid. 10% Buyers Premium. Deposit down will be 10% of Bid in certified funds . Balance due in 45 days.
  • Support & Training:
    Retained trained staff available immediately for seamless integration. Scalable based on buyer needs
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  • 20th June 2021 8:51 am local time

  • € 2000000
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base

New York, Νέα Υόρκη, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες

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    New York, Νέα Υόρκη, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες

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