Great opportunity to buy an amazing online business, which is fully automized and can be managed from all around the world with no stocking of production. This project is fully ready to be launched.



This is a customized gift project, based on POD (Print on demand) where customer can upload his personal photo, select a print type, size, additional features, and we deliver him a printed drawing which is made, using his photo.

You are buying:

*Online store - made on Woocommerce with 100% ownership (no monthly fees like Shopify). Store has been built to get highest conversion rates with- abounded card module, email collection for email marketing, push notification function, real sales notifications, exit pop-up with discountnand more...(website cost 4000 dol)

*POD account - connected with website, and fully automized. When you will get the order, you process it, and order will be droped to our POD partners system, where will be printed, and send to a customer.

*Instagram account with around 50 followers, and Facebook account with around 1000 followers.

*Full trainings how to manage this project. Trainings will be done via Skype call.

*Software (with license), which is used to make this amazing animation, from a photo.


Why this project is perspective?

*Profit margins: 70-100%;

*No product stocking, no inventory needed;

*Personalized gift market is increasing a lot, and you will not compete with Amazon, Ebay or other huge whales;

*Before this project, we had made a Focus group test, which has shown, that this product is perspective and interesting for potential customers;

*There is no other similar project on the market right now! This niche is new, so you can be a pioner for such a type of personalized gift project!


Why I am selling this project?

I am selling the whole project, or looking for an investor/partner which would like to invest his time and money to launch this project. Before Covid2019, we invested more than 5000 dol in total to establish this project, and when Covid2019 started, we freezed it, and had to invest our money to current businesses we own, to survive the crisis. So, now we have no funds, to fully advertise, and no time, to focus on this project.

The status of the project - ready to launch.

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  • € 3798
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship
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