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Company wants to turn

tall buildings into floating-mid-air-billboards.

The future.


Imagine you’ve stepped outside on a crisp, clear autumn evening. Ah, the beautiful night sky! —wait, is that the Big Mac logo?

Its already started in 2017. British, London company, Lightvert Limited, has been carrying out "exploratory tests" for clients, including The Marriott Hotel Chain. Lightvert Limited may have more clients lined up. Providing it secures more funding.

In brief, Lightvert Limited, ads could rise in the sky behind the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge. (Lightvert Limited’s website video, depicts a dystopia that cannot possibly capture in words.) The ads would be projected by a thin strip, 30 cm wide, projecting out 200 metres in height, floating mid-air, in the night-sky above the streets, each disappearing in milli-seconds.

Lightvert Limited, is not alone, if you have ever seen the Hollywood Film "Blade Runner," with flying cars, and tall buildings with moving advertisements, then this is signpost of the future.

The signal is SharesPost prepared to sell one share at £50.00 ($61.00) / per share in 2019. Full details available upon request.

And why stop at £50.00 ($61.00) / per share? A British University investment consortium company prepared to buy one share at £300.00 ($424.83) / per share in 2019.

How all this would work selling this tweet, is you buy it from me, I mint it on the Blockchain, you immediately own my tweet and also one share in Lightvert Limited, in June, 2021.

Resell share for a higher profit than paid for.

Lots of shares available from me still.

Let me know your budget?

(Lightvert Limited shares expecting to trade via secondary private shares market Crowdcube within 4-8 weeks time. Try it now).



Business Operation
  • Competition / Market:
    None. Patents and pending patents global.
  • Other Information
    Approximately £50,000.00 worth of shares available. Try it now
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