The store is completely finished in terms of design, and all of needed apps are added, and store has all of pages. Maybe in the meantime I would add some more things and details and constantly improve the design and update the store. I would improve marketing so that there would be as much traffic and orders as possible. I didn't invest in ads but I still had about 500 visitors per week. If new owner would invest in ads with only $40, store will be visited from 4000 to 9000 times per week. Also this store has 8 affiliates who promoting products. A new buyer will get Instagram and Tik Tok account, with about a total of 75,000 views (Instagram reels, TikTok tags and views of ads ). I started this business for financial reasons like most dropshippers. Since I am good at designing websites and in the field of e-commerce and online business in general, this type of business attracted me because with some effort you can earn well, which is not difficult as a full time job, and because it does not require much prior knowledge.

Business Operation
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    I noticed another type of business, which would be more interesting for me and a little easier to work with, and the earnings are similar. With this other business, I would save the time that dropshipping takes away from me, because online business is not everything I do in life, and for that reason I do not have time to dedicate to dropshipping.
  • Other Information
    What's involved in running this business ? Requirements that are needed in running this business are fulfilling orders, ordering from suppliers, researching product niches, running advertising campaigns... Skills to have: He/she may should have an eye for design, and to understand marketing and advertising. I did not pay for advertisements, and I did not devote enough time to this work, but as a new store owner, I fulfill these conditions and I guarantee results. And for big traffic he/she will get Instagram and Tik Tok account, with about a total of 75,000 views (Instagram reels, TikTok tags and views of ads ), facebook account for advertising in groups and snapchat account to snap with people around the world.
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  • € 85
  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship
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