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With SmartHouse Plugin you can keep close with your customers to solve them house units problems (Air conditoning, Thermal Plant, Heat Pump, etc).
The Customer can select the unit he wants to check/repair/verify, he can add pictures to be easier for the team too see and solve the problem.
What plugin provides:
- Custom roles
- Creating automate 2 different menus for Technic Team and Customers accounts
->Menus are not set with pages because you will decide witch page will be in witch menu
->Also you can add different pages to menus, and create custom menus
- Display different menus for Technic Team and Customers accounts
- Creating automate all pages with shortcode content for every page
- Responsive: it can be used easily on desktop, tablet and mobile
- Made with HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, DataTables, Bootstrap

Technic Team Account:
- Add how many units you want from Technic Team Account (they will choose from customers)
- Delete units
- Check all requests from customers
- Check individual request from any customer
- Change status of request (proccessing, solving, finished)
- See all customer data and units data in request (Mark, Model, Serial Number)
- See pictures sent from customer about his problem with specific unit

Customer Account:
- Configure account (add units like air conditiong, thermal plant, TV, etc), write contacts (address, phone etc)
- Complete units data like mark, model, serial number, last time when it was checked.
- Can see in dashboard latest request sent
- Can see in dashboard all requests that was sent (archive)
- Add new units and complete the forms with details about every specific unit even if the configuration of account was made
- Delete units
- Edit your units data (if you changed your Thermal Plant, you can edit the unit data and to complete the fields with new
information like mark, model, serial number).

When a request will be sent from Customer account, it will appear to Technic Team account in table, descendent,
with some information to help the operator to knew who sent the request. Also in table wil be displayed a field with actual status of request.
On double click on a table row, the operator will be redirected to another page that contains all data from customer (all data's of units, like:
unit type, unit mark, unit model, unit serial number, unit last time checked, pictures, data when request was send). This will help Technic Team to
Know a lot of information about request and to prepare for the problem. Also Technic Team cand reply to customer.
Customer account can see the latest request, status of latest request, and all of request, an archive with all data.

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