Part of Our Efin Assistance Program

With this Program, you do not have to have experience, however, based on needs, and prior experience, even up to your 2nd year in the industry it may work for you.

The only difference between this program and a traditional Tax office is the brick and mortar.

What we provide you!

1. Efin Number

2. Software, 2 choices, (Taxslayer Pro-web and Cross link Web, OLT pro can possibly be provided if requested, any other kind would come with cost upfront only.
3. Bank Products your only choices are refund advantage and refundo with this program

4.We provide you in house training at no cost but only the programs for beginner tax pro’s you will not get information on the tax business training unless participating in one of our other programs. You will have access to our cpe credit program but they do come at cost.

5. We will give you marketing strategies, and we do provide an opportunity to graduate to some of our other programs.

Your Responsibilities

1. , Register for PTIN
(We offer registration assistance if needed)

2. Fill out on boarding Pack
(must include PTIN Summary, id copy, and voided check or bank statement)

3. Receive your software package and banking products
(If you do not receive the software and banking within 72 hours of signup please let us know.)

4. Receive Marketing tips
(We provide you tips on the best marketing techniques to recruit customers at the lowest cost)

Bring in customers, Ultimately your customer gain is your responsibility!
While we provide the opportunity, we are not responsible for your success, you are responsible for your success!

Compensation to be discussed only once interest is confirmed.

  • Price
    $0.00 Start up cost iwth a 60/40 split in favor of the affiliate the split is negotiable based on prior experience, and royalty per customer option available instead. EUR
  • Language
  • Experience
    1-3 years
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