Nowadays very hard for bank, money institutions, pension funds etc to lending their customers money, because all commons sources as usual like stocks, bitcoin, hedge funds, futures etc get volatile and very high risk.

The other side, there is huge amounts of capital market here called paid traffic income could generate billion of US$ daily and they mostly relatively very save and secure, they mostly 99,9% done by individuals to sell various products using paid traffic instead organic traffic.

My business idea is to gather all high profiles actors in this field (with my strategy, will presentation with the investors in round tables final meeting!) To run the 3rd fund or castamers money to lending to this business.

Special pool fund or maybe investment company which will be doing high yield return for their castamers will be fit with this metodh because if stock, bitcoin or futures only can make averaging return of 10% -15% per annum, this paid traffic can generate profit much more higher than 50% up to 48%, it mean if you paid traffic US$ 1, you will be get US$48 gross or US$47 meet profits daily or at least 15x till 30x turn over per month, this is very amazing and no one know this is can become main alternatives for investment company to lending their money now days.

All products can be sell using paid traffic, both physical and digital products, this market capitalisation of this business become very huge day by day.

I sell this business idea, for further detail I can explain clearly for serious investment company only, I will ask the one time payment to sell my idea or sustainables royalty for life and position as a advisor to seek, search and finding the updates system, program, software in the market creates by few genius in this field and my responsible is to inform to the management.

Usually the update of the system, program, metodh and software getting the better result of return from paid traffic sources (Iam sure the program I told above which get 48x return is the best eventhough this program is not open daily!)


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    Selling the originall business idea which can make better and positive impact for financial business field and all related involved tks
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    This is newest and originally my business idea for financial market, can operate 24/7/365 and can operating worldwide, no one can have this idea before, for further detail only services to serious investment company, pension fund, hedge fund, foundation, angel investors, phylantropist, bank, high yield pool fund etc only, this is not Ponzi scheme, my price is very negotiable and can talk later with respect each other and I won't heavy on you for serious investment company tks Thanks and regards Hary Setiawan Gebang Sidoarjo Indonesia WhatsApp +6281213064569
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  • 26th October 2021 5:30 pm local time

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10, florencia regency blok cc, Dadungan, Gebang, Kec. Sidoarjo, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61231, Indonesia

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10, florencia regency blok cc, Dadungan, Gebang, Kec. Sidoarjo, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61231, Indonesia

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