Address:  Troitske village, Lugansk region.


Area: 4.7 hectares, adjacent to it is the 'Urozhay' stadium (area 1.6 hectares) and a free-standing warehouse at the railway station (area 1 hectare).


The production capacity of the plant allows processing up to 240 tons of raw materials per day, producing up to 100 tons of double-pressed sunflower oil and up to 80 tons of cake per day, with an oil content of 7-8%. Also, the plant has a granulation workshop with a capacity of 20 tons of pellets per day from sunflower husks.


The necessary computer equipment was replaced, a video surveillance system for the territory and premises of the enterprise was created.


The company also has its own mechanically equipped workshop, which allows autonomous production of the necessary parts for equipment repair.



We will provide a commercial offer, as well as information on the technical production process, upon request.

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