Available for acquisition are four profitable Casino games that generated $108,000 total revenue in the last 18 months. With minimal time commitment, the apps are experiencing a high ROI due to each app's ability to increase and hold rank positions quickly for popular keywords. This was achieved through app store optimization. With sustained marketing campaigns these apps can burst into high positions and generate high daily organic downloads.

The main app generated $62,000 in the last 18 months. This was achieved with a $2,000/year ad spend, leading to a 14.5x ROI. The app generated almost 156K downloads the last 18 months. It is created with a custom code developed by the owner and was updated in February 2020. The app will soon be 10 years old and may be valued as a rare, legacy app as there are very few apps remaining with its age. AppleÕs ranking algorithm may also one day give visibility bonuses to legacy apps. It has in-app purchases from $99 down to $1.99 and also can make money by showing ad videos. Sales per paying user is $8.33 according to iTunes data.

The owner has moved on to marketing other apps hence a desire to sell. Residual income is generated even without marketing through organic downloads. As a bonus, the owner will include a marketing document that will detail 2020 app tactics including share of voice marketing and organic uplift, that can help in increasing the app's lifetime value.

The second app averaged $10,000 in revenue each year in 2018 and 2019. This was achieved with a $1,000/year ad spend, leading to a 10x ROI. The app is 9 years old and has an older code. Thus far it has generated almost 86k downloads the last 18 months. The other two apps make up the remainder of profits.

Highlights & Key Assets:
o 10 years of history for one of the apps
o Custom code
o Powerful niche
o Ability to scale by spinning off other apps
o Minimal time commitment - Low-cost and low-time upkeep business allows for a casual work lifestyle if desired
o High ROI - the amount spent on advertising was approximately $10,000, for an ROI of +10x


Business Operation
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  • Cash Flow (€):


  • Year of Establishment:


  • Number of Employees:


  • Real Estate and Premises Details:


  • Furniture / Fixtures Value and Description:


  • Inventory / Stock Value and Description:


  • Licence:


  • Expansion Potential:


  • Competition / Market:

    No competitiveness

  • Support & Training:

    Provided by the seller

  • Reasons for selling:

    The owner has other projects that are their focus currently and they want this business to succeed with someone who has the time to grow it.

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  • 20th October 2020 5:39 am local time

  • € 1000000

  • Included: Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base


Paris, France

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Paris, France

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