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With these dresses, we wanted to create a dress that is cosy to wear during the day and easy to undress at night. Perhaps create special moment for you and your chosen one to spice up your time together. The dress design has grown out of personal experience, trying to figure out how to make the dress that falls with as little effort as possible.

Create an unexpected moment of surprise
MULTIFUNCTIONAL wearing of the dresses
Quality of the MATERIAL and beautiful COLOURS are chosen with care
EUROPEAN production of the dresses
Add PASSION and COURAGE to your evening like with NO OTHER DRESS before

To have more fun, sexy moments, try the new experience and surprise your loved one. The dresses are designed for multipurpose use. For a romantic evening with your partner and then surprise him with a special falling dress. Moreover, also for just having simple dinner together in the comfort of your home and finding out that undressing a dress is now one step simpler and a whole lot more seductive than before. This dress is designed for the bedrooms, but our team tried to wear it outside and the responses were great. So it depends only on you and the way you feel, how you decide to wear the dress.

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  • € 40000
  • Included: Inventory / Stock, Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship


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