Throughout the life of a corporation, changes are likely to occur. Update your corporate information such as Directors/Officers easily with us

Following Incorporation (which only provides the Registered Office Address and First Directors) an initial return, referred to as a Form 1 filing, should be filed within 60 days from the date of Incorporation to establish the Directors, Officers, and Company Address’ (Registered Office and Mailing) with the Ministry of Government Services (MGS).

When changes to this information occur, the changes should also be filed within 15 days after the change has happened by filing a notice of change.

Often when you are required to provide your current Company information for reasons such as opening a Small Business Banking Account, for obtaining a loan or for the purpose of signing legal documents that pertain to your Corporation, the current Company Information that includes the Director’s, Officer’s and Address of the Company will be required and should be current.

Commonly, after Incorporating or when changes were made to a Company it turns out that although the Corporation agreed for these changes to be made they are not filed with the Ministry to ensure they are on public record.

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