Voreya - The Umbrella Store is unique and exclusive in itself. It was created in June 2020 and is a dropshipping business. The Umbrella Industry is quite demanding and not popular in terms of having a store revolved around it. It needs a good awereness, and with the right person , it is bound to generate a lot of sales for sure!

Business Operation
  • Annual Sales Revenue (€):


  • Annual Net Profit (€):


  • Cash Flow (€):


  • Year of Establishment:


  • Number of Employees:


  • Real Estate and Premises Details:

    Online Business

  • Furniture / Fixtures Value and Description:

    Online Business

  • Inventory / Stock Value and Description:


  • Time to run this business (hours per week)


  • Licence:


  • Expansion Potential:

    Quite big. A few things to consider to run & expand this business:
    ·Evaluating & Rechecking Products from the website store
    ·Creating Ad Campaigns & Branding
    ·Research on Umbrella Products through Suppliers (Oberlo)
    ·Updating & Improving the Store on your own terms
    ·(Optional)- Contacting Google Ads Support to evaluate & review website

  • Competition / Market:

    Very Low. The Umbrella Industry is quite demanding and not competitive as there are a few stores revolved around the niche.

  • Support & Training:

    No support or training is required. A few aspects of Shopify will be shown as in how to deal with the Suppliers (Oberlo), the apps on Shopify, how to customize the website in any way, how to manage settings..All of these aspects and more can be further learned in tutorial videos from Shopify on their website or Youtube.

  • Reasons for selling:

    My decision of selling this business is because the store needs attraction and awereness through ad campaigns and branding. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide that as I don't have enough knowledge, skills & funds on reaching out to people and bringing that awereness. Furthermore I am a uni student and am focusing on studies and other online work and can't seem to find time to pay attention on Voreya. That is also why the store has not generated sales yet, because of a lack in branding & advertising.

  • Other Information

    Short overview of the business:
    ·Exclusive & Unique Store
    ·Very demanding products in global levels
    ·Very little competition against other similar niche stores
    ·Innovative Brand
    ·Modern Store

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  • 22nd October 2020 9:36 pm local time

  • € 9300

  • Included: Inventory / Stock, Logo and Branding Assets, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base


Pintor Felo Monzón, 28, 35019 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

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    Pintor Felo Monzón, 28, 35019 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

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