International network to build real connections online offering the way to mental health through personalised Yoga & Ayurveda classes & consultations by video-chat.

Hi, my name is Margaux, I live in France, I am Yoga Teacher & student graduated from India.

A UNIQUE worldwide YOGA platform to make REAL connections !

With the increasing rate of depression, anxiety, stress etc, yoga is a real alternative medicine !


Teachers & students from all over the world can finally meet !

The Platform Satgamaya (HEALTH industry) is new, innovative and tailor-made! We put it online on October 2020. This platform is a marketplace to connect Yoga professionals from everywhere with people for private lessons by video-chat. This platform has an extraordinary potential and opportunities to grow worldwide. The compagny is located in France and I am the founder.

3. Highlights

Today more than ever people need to refocus on themself, to relax, to remove all stress and anxiety!

Because of the pandemic, the rate of depression and others mental diseases are rising sharply. The practice of yoga is now more than necessary and is already on the rise!

These are private classes for people who want a personalised accompaniment, for people who feel uncomfortable practising yoga in a group.

The platform has infinite strengths:

- A real differentiation strategy

- All the development functionalities to ensure that the platform works perfectly are already in place

- Already 52 teachers from all over the world have registered

- Already followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin

- Professional design made by one of the best design agency & recognised on Dribbble !


& possibilities:

- Adding group lessons so that you don't have to stop at private lessons.

- These are one-hour session, but packages of several hours can also be add!

- It is already available in 3 languages: French, English, Spanish, etc. so many more languages can be add


In order to generate its revenues, the platform takes a commission rate based on the price given to teachers when they register on the platform.

Satgamaya is already totally ready. We have been working on the platform during one year.

The customer profile may simply be a person who wants mental balance, a person who wants to relax, to let go, a person who likes to meet people from all over the world, a person who likes to be personalised, a lazy person who does not like to travel to a yoga studio etc.

We have analize that the age range is from 25 to 50 years old. And the potential clients are online on instagram and facebook, there's no doubt about it. + for the payment of a session with a teacher, the client must enter his information that we can see in the administration.

The  ADD VALUE of the platform (custumer retention) is the access to private classes.  By analysing the competition, I realised that the platforms did not have this value! Plus, they provide videos already made where there is no real connection and exchange between teacher and student.

With Satgamaya there is a real exchange, where both (teacher & student) meet, the videoconference system is already integrated in the platform and they don't have to leave the site to access to the meeting-video.

As I said, the site is a baby. So you can educate it the way you want. For my part I don't give him the time because I'm sure you'll be able to make the platform grow much better and much faster!

This platform can grow enormously as the number of yoga practitioners increases day by day. And practitioners are in demand for new and more in-depth teachings!

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    Already followers on Facebook - Linkedin - Youtube - Instagram
  • € 20000
  • Included: Inventory / Stock, Logo and Branding Assets, Support after sale, Domain and Website, Suppliers Relationship, Customer Base


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